Creating a better way to
find home

Peek solves problems faced by real estate owners and renters alike; not enough time, transparency or convenience. Our mission is to empower people with the tools that make it faster, easier, and cheaper to find a place to call home.

How we got here

When Peek started, it was immediately picked up by some of the biggest multifamily players as a marketing tool. The ability to easily and quickly create virtual tours of units and amenities provided ease and increased efficiency for property owners and leasing teams.

As it became evident that consumers wanted a “fully virtual experience” — the ability to walk through available units as well as the community in its entirety— Peek decided to expand its product offerings. With content management, integrations, prospect tracking and analytic capabilities, Peek has now transformed into a full leasing-enablement platform.

Our values

Start with trust
Delivering the e-commerce experience starts with trust and our team is also built on it. We seek to create trust in our relationships both internally and externally through honesty and transparency.

Be a builder
Everyone has an impact in achieving our mission, with no limits on what can be built or done. We’re looking to make an impactful change and are not afraid of tackling hard problems. We value different perspectives and believe that ideas can come from anyone, anywhere and we ensure that the best ideas win.

Work with conviction
We believe deeply in what we do and finding the right answers. Open debate and challenging each other–even if it may be uncomfortable or exhausting–is how we get there. We don’t compromise for the sake of consensus. When we make a decision, we act with conviction and as a team.

Act with understanding
Making an impact means solving problems. Learning and building a deep understanding of the problem and why we’re solving it allows us to create thoughtful, intentional solutions.

Persist to win
Creating big change isn’t easy and the road to success will be filled with momentary setbacks; we turn these into opportunities to improve. We focus on effecting long-term outcomes through consistent process and challenge ourselves consistently to do more.

Meet Our Team

Austin Lo, CEO

As a computer science and statistics graduate from Columbia University, Austin began his career merging quantitative data with fundamental analysis to invest in technology and internet platforms. He became involved in proptech as a technology consultant to a brokerage and also practiced as a real estate agent to gain a deep understanding of the industry and its pain points.

James Straub, CTO

James Straub is the Chief Technology Officer at Peek. James is an experienced engineering leader with experience growing and leading high-performing engineering teams at both startups and large organizations. Prior to joining Peek, James spent six years at Amazon where he led a team of over 25 to launch AWS App Mesh. James also spent 2 years as Director of Engineering at Porch, leading and growing the team through the company’s Series B.